Louise Sawyer


Louise Sawyer is a Pennsylvania native. After receiving her undergraduate degree in education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, she was an activities therapist in an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit at a local hospital for several years, while also working for a wrap-around service providing in-home therapeutic support for children with autism. Louise then moved to Texas and studied school psychology at Texas State University in San Marcos. She practiced as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) in Texas for 7 years before moving to California and working as a school psychologist in the public school system for 8 years. During this time she completed Dr. Daniel Miller’s school neuropsychology program and earned a diplomate credential school neuropsychology through the American Board of School Neuropsychology. Louise recently started Fielding Graduate University’s PhD program in infant and childhood development, where she was awarded the provost achievement scholarship for demonstrating strong competency in her field. Louise has also maintained a private practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist in San Luis Obispo for the last 5 years. She completes independent educational evaluations (IEEs) for parents and school districts, private psychoeducational assessments for parents, and offers counseling services to adolescents in the local community.

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