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  • Psyched Services Behavior Bundle

    How can the Behavior Bundle be used?

    As a resource for school psychologists and/or other team members engaging in development of a Functional Behavioral Assessment and/or Positive Behavior Intervention…

  • Dyslexia Overview and Evaluation Tips *with bonus sample report*

    How can the Dyslexia Overview and Evaluation Tips and Sample Dyslexia Report be used?

    As a guide to assist in knowing when and how to assess for dyslexia

  • Comprehensive, Strengths-Based, User-Friendly Report Writing Bundle

    Comprehensive, Strengths-Based, User-Friendly Report Writing Bundle
    How can the Comprehensive, Strengths-Based, User-Friendly Report Writing Downloadable Bundle be used?

    To guide evaluation planning and ensure meaningful assessment in all relevant areas

  • Psyched Services Report Writing Style Guide

    Psyched Services Report Writing Style Guide
    How can the Style Guide be used?

    As a reference guide for school psychologists to utilize in report writing and proofreading
    To ensure that…



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For School Psychologists,

Busy is an understatement.

We understand professional development time is scarce, so we designed our courses to be self-paced, giving you the flexibility to learn on your own timeline. We also designed resources to make your day-to-day easier so you can help more kids!

Dynamic Courses
Dynamic Courses

We believe 2 expert brains are better than 1. That's why our courses feature 2 presenters. Not only does this add perspective, but it also makes our courses fun!

Accredited CEUs
Accredited CEUs

Complete the professional development hours your licensure requires with NASP-accredited CEUs available for each course.

Self-Paced Learning
Self-Paced Learning

Forget the hassle of arranging your schedule to attend a training! Learn.Do courses are available on demand, and learning is self-paced.

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Learn new ways to approach the challenges kids face and empower them to overcome in the best way possible! Bonus: You'll save time too!

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We see the heart, soul, and long hours you put into helping others. We know it’s because you truly care, and you love what you do. At Psyched Services, we care too. We’re here to support the supporters.

We understand that you’re busy! That means you need on-demand access to accredited training courses that don’t put you to sleep. It also means you need downloadable tools that you can use to make your day-to-day easier so you can help more students.

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