Psyched Services Behavior Bundle


The Psyched Services Behavior Bundle includes 6 Tools that school psychologists can use directly when working with students and also in consultation and collaboration with classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, special education team members, and/or parents/caregivers.

  • The Behavior Bundle includes the following handouts:
  • The ABC Data Sheet provides a simple-to-use, visually appealing, and straightforward way to take ABC observational data
  • The ABC Data Cheat Sheet is a helpful resource to remind team members how different functions of behavior present, and is a useful tool to complement the ABC Data Sheet
  • The Tips for Using Extinction Compassionately provides a neurodiversity-affirming approach to responding to challenging behaviors
  • The Task Analysis Cheat Sheet is a useful tool for supporting team members in developing a task analysis for any complex behavior chain
  • The Structured Reinforcement handout provides a summary of evidence-based reinforcement strategies
  • The 7 Proactive Strategies handout provides a list of evidence-based strategies to implement with students to minimize negative behaviors and set students up for success


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